Cry of the Planet

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Cry of the Planet
Композиторы Дэвид Уайз / Фрэнк Клепаки / Кэйго Хоаси / Кэйити Окабэ / Кодзи Кондо / Кё Отани / Нобуо Уэмацу / Roland Orzabal / Сёдзи Мэгуро / Тоби Фокс / Юдзо Косиро
Аранжировка Lacey Johnson
Издатель GameGrooves
Тип релиза Музыка из игры - Официальный релиз
Дата релиза 19 июня 2020
Музыкальные стили
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Executive Producer: Allen Brasch
Mastering Engineer: James C. Hoffman
Album Art: Emma Häthén


1. Mad World (from The Hurting) by Lacey Johnson ft. Jayhan (Vocals)
Written by Roland Orzabal

2. A Path Opened (from Shadow of the Colossus) by GuitarGeek25
Composed by Kow Otani

3. Lifeline (from Final Fantasy VII) by Fredrik Häthén
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

4. Hell March 2 (from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2) by Gunderslam
Composed by Frank Klepacki

5. Anxiety (from Final Fantasy VII) by Steven Morris
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

6. Destroyed Skyworld (from Kid Icarus Uprising) by TheToader ft. Xander Nielsen (Violin)
Composed by Yuzo Koshiro

7. Boss Battle B (from Final Fantasy) by Lorenzo de Sequera
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

8. Oppressed People (from Final Fantasy VII) by Chernabogue
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

9. Barret's Theme (from Final Fantasy VII) by Thennecan
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

10. Traveling Thoughts (from Atelier Totori: the Adventurer of Arland) by Joshua Taipale

11. Life Will Change (from Persona 5) by Charles Ritz ft. Jayhan (Lead Vocals), XenoKeyz (Talkbox), John Stacy (Trumpet), Eric L (Trumpet, Trombone), Arjan Singh Dogra (Trombone), Xnarky (Guitar, Baritone Guitar), Dov Beck-Levine (Guitar), Brandon Jackson (Bass), Gabriel de Leon (Drums), wolfman1405 (Tenor Saxphone)
Composed by Shoji Meguro, Lyrics by Benjamin Franklin

12. Confession/Secret (from Persona 5) by Xnarky ft. David Cho (Keys, Organ) and Eric Hirschhorn (Tenor Saxophone)
Composed by Shoji Meguro

13. Fighting in the Street (from Streets of Rage) by ThePlasmas
Composed by Yuzo Koshiro

14. Weight of the World (From Nier: Automata) by Catboss. ft. Jayhan (Lead Vocals); Ica Tongco, Psamathes, wolfman1405, Resa Ding (Backing Vocals); Israfelcello (Cello)
Composed by Keiichi Okabe, Lyrics by J'Nique Nicole

15. You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet (from Final Fantasy VII) by Kain White
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

16. King Dodongo (from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) by Ubaldo B
Composed by Koji Kondo

17. Aquatic Ambiance (from Donkey Kong Country) by Videri String Quartet ft. David Peacock (Arranger)
Composed by David Wise

18. Field of Hopes and Dreams (from Deltarune) by Saiyapimp
Composed by Toby Fox

19. Vague Hope (Cold Rain) (from Nier: Automata) by Genna Renee
Composed by Keigo Hoashi

20. Don't Give Up (From Undertale) by FirahFabe
Composed by Toby Fox

21. 8:46 by Joshua Taipale

Альбом был написан Дэвид Уайз / Фрэнк Клепаки / Кэйго Хоаси / Кэйити Окабэ / Кодзи Кондо / Кё Отани / Нобуо Уэмацу / Roland Orzabal / Сёдзи Мэгуро / Тоби Фокс / Юдзо Косиро и вышел 19 июня 2020 года. На саундтрек попало 20 композиций. Подборка является компиляцией оригинальной музыки. Выпуском пластинки занимался лейбл GameGrooves.

CD 0

A Path Opened (From "Shadow of the Colossus")

CD 0

Lifeline (From "Final Fantasy VII")

CD 0

Hell March 2 (from "Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2")

CD 0

Anxiety (From "Final Fantasy VII")

CD 0

Destroyed Skyworld (From "Kid Icarus Uprising") ft. Xander Nielsen

CD 0

Boss Battle B (From "Final Fantasy")

CD 0

Oppressed People (From "Final Fantasy VII")

CD 0

Barret's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII")

CD 0

Traveling Thoughts (From "Atelier Totori: the Adventurer of Arland")

CD 0

Life Will Change (From "Persona 5") ft. Jayhan and XenoKeyz

CD 0

Confession/Secret (From "Persona 5") ft. David Cho and Eric Hirschhorn

CD 0

Fighting in the Street (From "Streets of Rage")

CD 0

Weight of the World (From "Nier: Automata") ft. Jayhan

CD 0

You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet (From "Final Fantasy VII")

CD 0

King Dodongo (from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time")

CD 0

Aquatic Ambiance (From "Donkey Kong Country") ft. David Peacock

CD 0

Field of Hopes and Dreams (From "Deltarune")

CD 0

Vague Hope (Cold Rain) (From "Nier: Automata")

CD 0

Don't Give Up (From "Undertale")

CD 0


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