ADventure Lib Original Soundtrack

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ADventure Lib Original Soundtrack
Релиз обложек: Michael Murnaka - Album Cover
Композиторы Chase Bethea
Аранжировка Chase Bethea
Издатель Chase Bethea Audio Virtuosity
Тип релиза Музыка из игры - Официальный релиз
Формат Цифра - 4 треков
Дата релиза 4 августа 2015
Длительность 00:10:25
Музыкальные стили
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This game was developed by Fancy Fish Games. Originally, the project idea was for the game jam PewDiePie vs Indies last year back in October. Although we finished on time, we broke one of the game jam rules and decided it would not be fair to submit since we did not comply with the criteria.

I had no idea how to approach this kind of game where you can combine words and do random things that are ridiculous. However, I knew I wanted to compose something thematic and light. Fancy Fish Games decided they wanted to go with an Orchestral sound that exhibits a fun, quirky, and ADventurous (like that pun?) mood for the player to enjoy as they fill in the blanks and solve the puzzle on this point and click game.

Writing for random words and objects was very challenging but I focused on theme and the environment. I imagined that I was child and I was personifying each character. I asked myself, what were their quarrels, wants, needs and overall resolutions? I woke up every morning before work and composed a little bit for every track until I felt I captured the essence and environment. Thus, the Adventure Lib Original Soundtrack was born.

I hope you enjoy the game and the soundtrack and thank you so much for your support.

Над альбомом работал композитор Chase Bethea (Deity Quest, I Can't Escape : Darkness, Cubic Climber Official Soundtrack - EP), а его релиз состоялся 4 августа 2015 года. На саундтрек попало 4 композиции общей длительностью около 10 минут. Подборка является компиляцией оригинальной музыки. Выпуском пластинки занимался лейбл Chase Bethea Audio Virtuosity.

CD 1

Throne Room
Outside Castle Walls
The Dungeon Below
Town Square

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